Nicky in Melbourne


'Nicky invites the listener into a world that is real, in that it resembles their own, yet full of hope and wonder. Nicky shares an honesty and vulnerability that engages any audience.' (Nathan Tasker)


Nicky's performances are intimate, moving, high quality events. Folk, rock, jazz and blues influences can be heard in her song writing and skilful playing style. Her songs point people to explore the real meaning of life and respectfully draw people to a place where they can consider Christ... often for the first time. There is humour and great stories, and a real sense of warmth and connection permeates the room at a "Nicky gig".

She has been playing, writing and performing for many years and has partnered hundreds of churches by providing the main focus of an outreach event to which people can easily invite friends.

Her singer/songwriter albums include Speechless. Copernicus and The Secret of the World. She will be recording a new live album with a band in June 2011. Click here for more details.

Nicky is also well-known for her congregational songwriting, including Behold the Lamb of God, Resurrection, and the new tune to My Hope is Built on Nothing Less. Her songs have appeared on many compilation praise and worship albums, especially those produced by EMU Music.

She also has provided many training workshops for those in music ministry on a variety of topics.

Nicky now lives in Melbourne with her family. She worships with the faith community at Glen Waverley Anglican Church where she also served as the Music Pastor for three years.

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